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Bralwood italic
Bralwood italic
Bralwood Regular
Bralwood Regular

Bralwood is a font that seamlessly blends modern sensibilities with classic vintage nuances. With a commanding display style, the font exudes elegance while retaining a nostalgic touch. Its letters boast bold and creative shapes, adorned with details that evoke the alluring essence of retro eras.

What sets Bralwood apart is its delicate yet robust lines and sharp angles, lending visual strength to each character. Ideal for logo branding seeking to emphasize retro or vintage vibes, Bralwood imparts an exclusive and sophisticated feel to various design ventures. From posters to product labels and packaging, Bralwood adds a distinctive touch that captivates attention.

With its ability to create enticing and captivating impressions, Bralwood stands as the perfect choice for designers aiming to convey powerful messages with a classic yet modern flair.

Lowercase and Uppercase
Numerals & Punctuation
Accented characters
Format File: TTF,OTF,WOFF
Multiple Languages Supported


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