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Macengie italic
Macengie italic
Macengie Regular
Macengie Regular

Macengie is a modern Serif font that exudes sophistication and versatility. With both regular and italic styles, this font offers a dynamic range of options for designers.

The sleek and elegant serifs of Macengie add a touch of refinement to any design project, making it perfect for logo branding initiatives that demand a contemporary aesthetic. Whether used in digital or print media, Macengie effortlessly adapts to various design contexts, enhancing the visual appeal of any project it graces.

Its clean lines and balanced proportions make it equally suitable for both headings and body text, ensuring readability while maintaining a sense of style. With Macengie, designers have a powerful tool at their disposal to create impactful and memorable designs in any modern branding endeavor

Lowercase and Uppercase
Numerals & Punctuation
Accented characters
Format File: TTF,OTF,WOFF
Multiple Languages Supported


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